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So Ford is following the Japanese 80s/90s strategy of making an efficient truck that has what you need and lacks what you don't compared to the traditional US truck marketting where unless you have half a dozen liters you're a faqqot

Personally, if i drove around with an empty bed like everyone else around here I wouldn't give a shit if it was full sized or not.... Put that 2.0 eco into a compact chassis and that sounds a lot cooler.

i love trucks, but almost every truck you see doesn't get used like a truck...ever. Of my friends that own trucks, I can think of 2 people out of many that actually works on a farm and uses their trucks for hauling hay, etc.

Would be smart to put a truck out that for light duties that most people need. I highly doubt the average american needs a F-250 to move a chest once in a while and haul groceries.
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