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i love trucks, but almost every truck you see doesn't get used like a truck...ever. Of my friends that own trucks, I can think of 2 people out of many that actually works on a farm and uses their trucks for hauling hay, etc.

Would be smart to put a truck out that for light duties that most people need. I highly doubt the average american needs a F-250 to move a chest once in a while and haul groceries.

I was such a sad panda when the rumors started flooding about killing the light duty diesel in the fullsizes.

Exactly true, my wife's dad could have easily used a full sized truck but he stuck with a small 4cyl because of fuel. Had a Nissan Hardbody first and then went to a Tacoma when they changed the name from just "pickup". We loaded that damn thing with 4,000 lbs and it just asked for more as long as you could steer it No reason to get a bigger truck because never really towed anything.

As much as I love big trucks like you I could never own a fullsize for those exact reasons. The shitty fuel economy just doesn't cut it and why buy full if I could do it with a compact or mid. I never haul more than a 1500 lbs if that. I borrow my Aunt's Dodge 3500's if I need a real bed for some reason. Overkill but that's all she buys because of towing but hey who doesn't love a cummins engine?

People always gave me WTF looks in town for some reason when I drove it. I guess I look to small for such a monster
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