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Lets get kinky, HA, lets get kinky in here

Well, the academic year is over, and because I got through it without losing my sanity, my parents decided to give me $300. After treating someone special to a title and PMO ( ), I want to make one more donation to genmay. I will be buying a $50 key for any girl who fufills the following request:

I want to see a genmay girl masturbate with a popsicle.

I think it would be hot to see one of our own shoving a frozen stick of artifically flavored ice up her cooch, and post it for all of PMO to see. This will be rather novel and unique. I remember the last time credit was offered to anyone who stuck a hotdog up their ass. That thread was hilarious, and this is now a chance for the ladies.

The only girls that are eligible are verified genmayers. No girlfriends, no unverified girls. Whoever does this first, and posts at least 3 seperate, good quality pictures will get the money.

Oh and before you asshats scream "STFU LOCK BAN" yeah I cleared this with g.


edit 2 - Sweetie, zyxena, and skanxxx cannot qualify...


If you want to do this, post pics of a popsicle up your bum in this thread. You will receive a $20 key.

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