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i actually don't mind if one or two people do the shot-calling. often, i keep my mic muted and just listen with great results.

i agree about the discrepancy and it's annoying. i like the fact that if you're the best player on a losing team, you don't lose as much, but i'd like them to expand on that. i can't tell you how many games i've lost with gold in eliminations, damage and objective kills with silver in healing (soldier 76 main). maybe after a certain rank they could distribute points differently instead of just on win/loss. anything that makes the higher tiers more uniform in terms of skill distribution

They just need to get rid of streaks. A win should give you a set amount of SR and a loss should take a set amount, that way if you win more than you lose you'll rank up, and if you lose more than you win you'll derank. They are using streaks to move players around quickly and it's stupid.

Last night I was watching a really good player doing a Bronze to GM live stream for his YouTube channel and he was on such a long win streak that he was getting ~150 SR per game. He's a GM player, though, so think of all the games he has ruined for low level players along the way that can't compete with him.

Right now, a lost streak of just 4-5 games can put you so far down in SR that it could take you over a week to earn it back. You can actually go like 25-10 on a day of games and end up with lower SR than where you started because the losses were in streaks. That's stupid.

Overwatch is fun, but it has a long way to go to truly be competitive.
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