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Wrecked on the vfr. Making a left through an intersection, saw an ambulance coming straight at me. Went to avoid it, hit a gravel patch and went down. I'm fucked up. Bruises all over missing half the skin on my left forearm. Bike is fucked, helmet is fucked. Oh and the best part is my wife was following me, her, a witness, and the entire ambulance crew all said I hit gravel,and was attempting to act responsibly, yet was attempted to be issued a ticked, I told the cop to piss off or I and my 6 witnesses would all be able to testify to the gravel in the road and their little shitty town would have no money left after I sued. Well he didn't write me a ticket

An hour later after I bandaged myself up, went back with my wife to take pics of the gravel and of course it was all swept clean.
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