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Wait, so you only get 15HP gain across the board until you hit ~5600 RPM and then it gets going? That's just a weird curve to me. I mean, more HP is more HP, but I'd sure as hell like to see "82 MORE PONIES" somewhere besides the last 1500RPM of the rev range for my money. Still love the car though!

Yeah, that's just audi and the way they tune things stock. it was the same way with the old twin turbo B5s. they would tune it to get up to the power they wanted around 5k RPM and then just have the computer flatten out the HP curve by bleeding boost so it feels like the car just stops pulling for the last ~2k rpm before redline. IIRC the stock tune for my car hits like 11PSI around 5k then bleeds off boost to to hit 7PSI at the stock redline. All the ECU tune really does is mildly revise the timing and fuel for most of the curve and most of the gains come from keeping the bypass valve closed to remove that power flattening in the upper RPM range where the stock audi program would just bleed off boost. With the APR tune the engine hits about 12PSI at redline so it's not that crazy but the gains are pretty good. You also get about 500 more useable RPM with the tune in the upper range where the max gains are because they bump the redline up from ~6700 to 7200.

When you drive the car normally it still feels like it's pretty much stock with just a little extra oomph so it is still extremely well mannered when you aren't trying to be a badass. The APR transmission tune also makes the DSG feel even smoother and shift faster than the factory tune so when driving normally it feels even more well mannered than stock. Then when you hit the go pedal, it really scoots for how big and heavy of a car it is. And with the quattro AWD, it scoots in just about any weather/road condition.

The stage 2 setup with the revised supercharger pulley is a little more impressive. You get 82 more torques and 112 more ponies from just a software upgrade and a slightly different sized pulley... The total power numbers might not be all that impressive compared to other high performance cars in this day and age but the gains you get from 2 relatively simple upgrades is still pretty impressive. Especially since the tune is done in minutes through the OBD2 port and the pulley can be done at home in an afternoon. Most of the work to get the pulley in is just freeing up space so you can get your hands and tools into the space between the radiator/fan and the accessory belt.

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