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What year is it? The 1991-92 suspension is just sort of like that. TONS of lift-throttle oversteer. They tuned a lot of this behavior out for 1993 with longer control arms and toe control rods in the rear.

If you're as n00bish a driver as I suspect you are, the problem may be you and not the tires. Check the manufacture date on the tires, and the tread depth with a gauge. If either is out of spec, replace them. If not, look for the problem elsewhere, including the nut behind the wheel.

It would suck to blow all your money on a set of tires (don't put cheap ones it, BTW), and then discover that your real problem is worn out suspension or something.


\MR2OC suggested lower tie rods based on what I said about approaching on-ramps at decent speed... It has ST sway bars and an LSD trans. And tires balder than Sanjays chrome dome.

It kind of likes to "crab walk" to the outside of the corner until I scrub off some speed.
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