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The IPCC is hardly a credible source since they were caught fudging their data. Additionally, refrencing the IPCC when they have completely failed to prove that human activities are causing global warming is beyond stupid.

I guess we can chalk another one up for the secret science conspiracy theory argument.

In fact, warming pundits (I'd hardly call these guys scientists) have been falsifying data for a long, long time.

" In order to get their models to produce predictions that are close to their designers’ expectations, modelers resort to “flux adjustments” that can be 25 times larger than the effect of doubling carbon dioxide concentrations, the supposed trigger for global warming. Richard A. Kerr, a writer for Science, says “climate modelers have been ‘cheating’ for so long it’s almost become respectable.”
It doesn't matter if you'd call them scientists or not. They are scientists. It's kind of funny you believe Richard Kerr, who isn't a practicing scientist, over people who have spent years studying the issues. It's also worth mentioning that I can't actually find the article where he says that - it just something anti-warming websites seem to post.

I did find this though:
Well, both poles are experiencing some warming but they're very different situations. In the south. And the Antarctic. The ice has been particularly hard hit on the Palmer Peninsula, the land jutting up toward South America. And there, we've all heard about the big chunks of shelf ice breaking way from the peninsula and drifting off as huge icebergs

So apparently he does think the earth is warming.

Also, satellite readings of the lower troposphere (an area warming pundits agree should show evidence of warming if it existed) showing no evidence of warming, and nearly every single warming prediction is based on computer modeling rather than historical data.
Provide a reasonable source and then maybe this can be discussed.

EDIT: Found some info on the troposphere and your claims seem to be based on dated UAH satelitte data info, which was, incidentally, wrong:
A longer data series and several corrections to the UAH method leaves the UAH series showing warming
Source: IPCC; and UAH website (

And you can see the ongoing commentary of the scientists who gathered that data (and the corrected data itself) here.

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