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You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. With girls its difficult to convince them that you would REALLY like them to do something, without making them think you are trying to force them to do it, because once you do that, you're fucked.

Like you are saying about trimming/shaving, you probably dont mention it that often, but even if you do it once a month, or every couple of weeks (which is completely reasonable), she will probably think you are trying to force her, or make her do something she isnt too inclined to do. At this point you are really fucked, because now she has stated if "you keep bugging" her, its never going to happen, so you are kind of screwed in the sense that you arent allowed to ask her, and now she is still not going to do it! You will probably end up asking her again in a few months when she still doesnt, but then she will just get even more upset with you.

I think your BEST bet is to sit down and explain you have sexual needs. Make her know that missionary every time is not what EVERYONE wants, tell her that sex is about experiencing different things with your partners, and a different way to have fun. There is a very fine line here though, since girls are fucked up she will probably think you only want her for sex, or feel shitty after this conversation. It will be easier the older you both are (and mature) when she realizes that older people dont really have relationships just for sex, and that you are being completely honest with her.

Sucky man I hope you can work it out, just remember, everything you say/do in this situation is on a very fine line, its difficult, but maybe you can get her to open up with time.

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