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Originally it was 4 wheel drum, with no vacuum assist.

In the front, I converted to B-body spindles (taller) + 12" vented rotors, and a set of GlobalWest control arms.

In the rear, I converted to F-body disks (11" vented).

For hydraulic pressure, I converted to a late B-body master cylinder and booster, and an F-body prop valve (no drainback preventer to keep drums happy in the back).



Maybe someday, my father will realize that we can't do body work, and it'll get finished by someone who can.

Oh nice, I wonder how the braking bias will come out - maybe your MC/prop valve is adjustable..

It's always tempting to do everything yourself, isn't it. Stuff like paint though, if you want it to be nice you do need a pro.
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