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the marlin magizines wouldnt allow for ballistic tip ammunition untill they came out with the soft tip a little while ago.

the 30-30 is a solid gun for close range open site hunting and has always held its place here in florida amongst folks running dogs and through the close quarters of our scrubs and swamps. i love shooting a lever action, but the accuracy just isnt there for as far as benchrest numbers go.

if you're going to be hunting from a treestand, ground blind or something similar, i recommend a savage weather warrior .308. lightweight, stainless, floating barrel, the trigger is well worth the money. mine is dropped down to a few ounces. the "most accurate rifle out of the box" slogan isn't a joke. also, don't purchase a scope that starts over 3x magnification. for a 14 acre setup.

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Keep in mind guys that he has to think about the size of the deer he's going after. A .308 would blow the shit out of the deer where I live, there would be no meat left. I don't even use my .303 Brit. Tooooo big.

Now if you get Deer the size of a small moose, a .308 would be just fine.

shot placement is everything. you can ruin a backstrap with a .22.
the stirrup, the harness
the whipping mane
the pickled eye
the shrinking brain
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