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How so?

Perhaps I am, and I will GLADLY admit that I am doing it wrong if you can show me how I can purchase .22LR at anything close to what I paid a couple of years ago.

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I bought 15,000 rounds a couple years back and still have a couple thousand left. I've cut back significantly on how much I shoot hoping they'll last until things get stabilized again.

For all practical intents, 9mm is around 20 cents a pull and .22 is 10 cents, so yeah .22 has lost some of its luster for the time being. It wasn't that long ago you could just stroll into any WalMart and get 500rds for $9

A: Buy cheap and stack deep. Your 15k rounds was probably neither.

B: I just bought a pallet of .22lr at slightly under $0.05 a round. If prices drop below $0.05 by the time they're ready to fulfill I'll get a refund for the difference.

C: You need to reload. Won't work on .22 but it'll significantly drop that 9mm price.
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