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So, what exactly did you buy a pallet of for .05 / round? For what it's worth I didn't buy 15k rounds of the cheapest shit available- I paid around 5 cents with free shipping for some CCI SV and a couple flavors of Eley.

...and .05 /rd for a pallet doesn't really sound all that cheap, tbh considering that I recall only paying .02 - .03 retail just a few years ago. You're telling me I'm "doing it wrong" yet you haven't offered any alternative other than basically telling me that apparently what I'm doing wrong is not jumping in my time machine to go back and buy more when I could have. That's good info, thanks.

My order is delayed fulfillment meaning it'll take 6 months to get here but there's a good chance I'll still get refunded some portion between $0.0485 and $0.040 per round. Regardless of the current retail prices, manufacturers can see the declining trend in retail ammo sales/prices. Their prices generally don't fluctuate too much during a retail shortage. Their prices are linked far more closely with raw materials costs. They may have a 5% price increase during retail shortages but that's generally linked to shorter maintenance cycles due to increased production windows. They make their money on the volume of ammo sales. They're willing to give great prices now to ensure they sell a quantity of ammo later, when they are predicting their sales will be soft. This is the best price I've seen in the last 6 years for rimfire.

Buying any ammo now at retail, even though prices are falling, is not good business strategy. If we're talking a couple hundred rounds to tide you over that's one thing. You should be buying mags and stripped lowers right now since we're experiencing a glut that dropped prices to the lowest they've been in 20+ years.

When sandyhook happened everyone wanted ammo, mags and receivers. You could only get them at 5x+ markup over pre-sandyhook retail prices. The smart people figured out they should be buying NFA items since they were probably not going to be shooting very much in the next few months with prices so high. The NFA wait was 3-6 months at that point. Now the NFA wait can be as high as 12 months but mags and lowers are cheap.

So what I'm telling you is you should be aware of the price cycles. Buy low, sell high. Stop buying high.
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