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I mainly fly the Caldari battlecruiser, the Ferox. Here is my setup for tanking the sentries:

Highs - 5 Malkuth heavy launchers, 1 medium Nos
Mids - 1 cap injector (400s loaded), 2 x Tech 2 Invul. field , 2 x T2 Large shield booster
Lows - Internal force field array, Medium armor rep, 2x PDU

I get right up on the stargate, and when something jumps in, our tacklers scramble them and I help kill them off / recover loot. If my cap starts to really get hurt, I start Nos'ing the billboard.... It works

Here is my setup for my scorp:

Highs - 4 Cruise launchers, 1 heavy Nos
Mids - 2 x Tech 2 Sensor booster, 1 Cap injector (800s), 3 x Tech 2 Racial ECM , 2 x Tech 2 Multi spec ECM
Lows - 2 x 1600mm plates, 1 x Large armor rep, 1 x WCS

The racials are the White Noise jammers. I get 11 points out of it. The multis I get 10 jamming strength.

The reason I have 3 racials fitted is because of the current war our enemis are a Amarr RP alliance. I have 2 multis fitted just for random gate gankage.

Erm - My Scorpion is fitted with a rack of Kaikkas Modified ECMs and I only get 8.2 jamming strength on a Scorp with Caldari BS 5 and maxed Electronics skills.

Care to tell me how you get 10 strength on ECM II?
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