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"Better" is subjective, and some of us care more about the process than the project.

For example, I build model rockets. I put a lot of effort into build and finish, and at least half the time, the bastards end up as a smoldering pile. Those are no great loss to me though, because my enjoyment comes from the building more than it does the flying.

The car is much the same way - I'll probably ding the paint just pulling it out of the shop, but the satisfaction of doing it myself is worth the time. Plus, I'm not investing a whole lot of time in it - I do maybe 10 hours a month. I've got a Masters degree to finish, 2 crotchfruits to raise, and a full time job to satisfy.

Yea i get that. It's a trade off between the joy of working on it and the joy of actually driving the thing.

And doesn't that suck - when a car is new or newly redone you KNOW it's only going to get worse with every trip New dings behind a gravel truck, some fat fucker squeezing into his car next to yours rubs his jean rivets on your door, the buckle of some chick's purse sliding against your fender, etc....

I want to be rich damnit, so none of that shit bothers me and i can be more excited about my upcoming new car, than angry about my old one going to shit.
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