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<3 Halo lore.

Basically it is about the fall of planet Reach. In cannon, MC takes two other Spartans and goes to a space station around Reach to destroy a spaceship with coordinates to Earth. The rest of the Spartans go down to Reach to defend it. This will be about those Spartans.

They generally all die (though, in one of the novels, like 5 survive and go on a galactic adventure lol), but it is a last stand type of deal.

Really, in my mind, that's where Halo should have been focused. Less galactic romps, make it a more human story against impossible odds. IMHO, they should follow in CODs footsteps, try for some awesome cinematic moments like that. The last stand nature of the setting should give a nice background for those types of moments.

We don't know much yet, but I'm betting hard that it will basically control exactly the same as all the other Halo's. If you liked them great, if not, this probably won't be your cup of tea. We will see though. I also imagine they're gonna destroy some cannon too, so some fanboy gamers might be angry at the final result.
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