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Yea so anyways......I don't know where you got the idea that i was talking about myself when i used "they" but yea.....
The key word you included that was not in the quote that i replied to was "mature", and that is a very important adjective to add. Yes, its a waste of time to reply to a stupid post, but posting on a forum(especially one like genmay where it isn't geared towards a certain interest) in general is 99.999999999% of the time a complete waste of time anyways. People have a right to entertain themselves how they please, what the fuck do you care? Aren't you mature and intelligent enough to not bother?

You can't control how people react even if you think its silly/stupid/immature/offensive/whateverdildos. You'd think a mature person would understand this about life by now.

Basically this thread is pointlessssssssssssssssssssssss. The OP is simply complaining and nothing positive will come from this thread. "WOW! He called me an idiot without replying to my analysis and discussion of the threads topic. That ANGERS ME BECAUSE HES ON THE INTERNET AND I TOTALLY KNOW HE WOULDNT SAY THAT IN REAL LIFE AND I KNOW HE TOTALLY THINKS HES SMARTER THAN HE TOTALLY ACTUALLY IS AND ACTUALLY DOESN"T HAVE A REPLY TO MY POST BECUASE MY POST WAS TOTALLY IMPENETRABLE."
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the reason is answered in my first post. youre a chicken shit, shut in coward who replies with insults rather than substance because you arent nearly as smart as youd like to think you are and are far too much of a chicken shit to insult and name call people to their face.
Ah, the internet. You actually made me laugh out loud! You feel good after getting that all out of your system?

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A+ Gold Star Good Job
*hi five*

edit- i totally spent like 10 minutes editing this post. Thats depressing
Talk To Strangers.

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