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he only ran the charcoal canister lines "correctly" the last time I visited a few days ago, prior to this past visit they were both folded in half with zip ties.

Since he switched the hoses around this past visit I no longer have fuel stench.
What you have there is not actually correct, though.

The line from the manifold to the canister is supposed to have a VSV in it. At some times, it allows fuel vapor from the canister to pass through, and other times it doesn't. What you have instead is just an open line that always allows air through.

What I suggested is to just plug that whole line, so that it never allows air through, and see if that makes any difference to your problem. If so, you know that you need to put that VSV back in and get the hoses right.

Edit: Also, when hunting for vacuum leaks, soapy water won't help you. A vacuum leak is a spot where air is being sucked IN to the engine, not leaking out. You wouldn't get any bubbles or anything right there. What you CAN use, though, is an unlit propane torch. The propane in that area will provide extra fuel for the engine as it passes through the extraneous hole, making the engine idle faster.
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