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In Vendettas fantasy world, all buildings collapse completely evenly, all floors at the same time and neatly into their own footprint.

you don't need intellectual capacity for this one, as I've said before, an autistic child could cover the specifics of this argument. WHICH BTW, is all contained in my sig now. So if you could just take a gander down a couple lines.
The link is abridged so it doesn't work in people's address bars. And my bad with the time lapse comment. I meant the first picture you posted in the thread that had the building falling straight down over about 6 seconds.

Of course, I did see that 11-second video in that slide show you keep linking, and the controlled demolition video actually has the controlled demo building leaning more and falling apart more unevenly than the WTC. Of course, I'm not sure what you're trying to get at with those videos, as they only show both buildings losing their structural integrity and succumbing to gravity. Last time I checked all things fall at the same rate, so I'm not too spooked to see similarities in the video. The video also doesn't show the time the WTC was burning and the different structures of the the buildings. It just doesn't work for me as evidence.
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