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We still have until January 2014 until an awb bill can even be brought to the table.

Laws can only originate in the house, not in the senate. Which is a major hole in obummer care.

John boheaner has already said he will not allow any legislation for new gun control to even come up for discussion.

Even if the bill were to originate in the senate it would never pass the house.

There would be many dead cops, local, state and federal workers and UN solders who would be coming door to door .

The military isn't going to disarm us and neither is the local police.

Just relax and stay calm.

But, cmmg make nice lowers.

Dude, they're not going to go door to door collecting guns. They'll just ban the sale of new ones, and then wait. Eventually, the supply will dry up, and it will be an occasion to get to shoot an AR-15 at the "" annual AR-15 shoot, the same way it's presently an occasion to shoot an automatic gun.
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