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chat is crucial in overwatch but i gag when i have to hear heavy-mouth breathing retards either whine throughout a game or narrate every damned move or thought they make.

then there's the self-appointed "coaches," with all the appeal of a chinese kid in a group project: ever-so-politely domineering with an entitled tone you just want to smack their stupid faces with a loaf of shit.

i don't have an issue with someone shot calling, the game depends on communication

it's not like cs:go where one guy can carry the team off his skill

if you're not communicating in overwatch, you're probably going to lose. you might win if you lucked out and got a group that knows how to react to everything on their own, but that's pretty rare. even at high platinum/low diamond you have to tell people the basics a lot more often than you'd expect.

i actually think overwatch could benefit a lot from adding a couple more skill groups. with platinum being the top of the bell curve, there's just too much of a discrepancy in skill at that rank. i've had great games at that rank and i've had dog shit games at that rank where you just cannot wrap your head around what people are doing.
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