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Account for sale: 5 level 70s.

This is the account I purchased previously in the thread, unfortunately I just don't have the time to commit to the game I thought I did.

This account is in excellent standing as far as I know, I control the SQA and e-mail address.

This account is WOTLK enabled.

Level 75 Paladin Female Draeni(PvE):

390+ Mining, 300 engineering.

Full prot set ~17k hp, a few blues from Northrend but mostly ZA epics still. I put out ~2-2.5k TPS with this character in Black Temple many times.

Full ret set ~2700 ap buffed. Main levelling spec right now, works very well.

Full holy set, ~1100 spellpower.

70 Shaman Female Draeni(PvE):

375 Alchemist

Epic Flying

Full healing set(4/8 BT) Almost 1400 spellpower

Full enhance set, mostly ZA gear. Current spec.

Full elemental set as well, misc blues.

70 Human Male Mage(PvP):

375 Tailor/Enchanting

5/8 BT, Epic flying(Netherdrake).

70 Tauren Male Druid

Misc blues for both spellpower and feral. A few epics. Regular flying.

70 Female Night Elf Rogue:

No flyer, 375 mining/361 BS

Some PvP epics, misc blues/greens.

If you look back into the thread, you will see I purchased the account for 250$. With WOTLK enabled that is 290$, and with the time I have put into the Paladin I would like 325$ OBO. Any questions can be directed to PM, armories available upon request. I have bought and sold many accounts here before, purchase with peace of mind.

Thanks for looking,
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