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Buying a VW Jetta S (2.0) today unless you say otherwise.

Hey AutoMay,

I just came back from the dealership to get your second opinion. I am pretty close to signing the paper work to lease this for 36mo. but I had doubts and just had to check one more time with you guys.

Tell me what you think:

4DR JETTA 2.0L S 5-SPD MAN - pretty much the base of the base model

The manager there gave me an invoice at $15,835 & MSRP $16,495 (but I do not know if these are the real numbers or not.)
- Destination charge 770.00
- He said he can do $300 below invoice
-Then dropped it to $164+tax/$176 including tax after $2000 down (but didn't give me what the total car price was before making that estimate)

Car's Purpose: For commuting and some cargo load.

My questions:
Is this a good deal?
Is the 115hp 2.0 enough or should I be looking into the SE (2.5L engine) instead?
I was also looking at the focus, xB, and mazda 3 hatch but thought this would be the best option.

thanks in advance.
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