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Holy Testicle Tuesday
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I'm totally in. Here's just something off the top of my head.

Viagra Linked To Complete Testosterone Failure

Dr. So-and-so of Such and Such Hospital/University released findings in late November that point to a link between Viagra usage and long-term eventual testosterone failure. According to the 137-page document, a specific chemical is used in Viagra to increase the amount of testosterone output, thus allowing for a sustained erection. However, in the process, it has been found that this wears out the testosterone glands very rapidly and can eventually result in a complete failure of the glands, halting forever the production of testosterone in the Viagra-user.

The makers of Viagra knew this all along and yet still released it to the public, selling it to millions of people nationwide. Now many men are sufferning from zero testosterone production, an effect that renders them completely apathetic. Testosterone is a chemical that serves as a driving force and is what sparks desire. Without testosterone, your personality would be effectively rendered as dull as a robot's. And, as if that weren't enough, with no testosterone whatsoever, the user would be rendered completely impotent, not even becoming aroused with the aid of Viagra. We must stop this now!

Pass this along to everyone you know and inform them not to take Viagra! The consequences are too great.

So yeah, I just whipped that up just now, but it's an idea to be had.
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