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53 years compared to 5 years does NOT = 'much' longer within a geological/climatological context. That is like the different between a 1/2 inch and a centimeter in relation to a marathon.

I would consider an order of magnitude to fall into the category of "much".

Regardless, the point of that graph, initially, was merely to point out the stupidity of using 5 years worth of data to support the idea that the globe isn't warming.

Various trolls then asked if the earth had warmed in the past 50 years. Since that graph had ocean temperature data for the past 50 years and since the ocean is a significant part of the earth, I then used that graph to support my contention that the earth had warmed.

The reality is if you want to continue this debate, you're much better off starting from the position that the earth is warming, as even the most delusional scientists will agree to that point. Even still, you'd be hard press to go against the wealth of data that supports the idea that CO2 is contributing to global warming.
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