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Up to your usual hypocrisies huh badger?
I like how you attempt to strike at the credibility of the IPCC with terribly unreliable sources.

Aww poor leo, did someone pee in your Cheerios this morning?

I don't strike at all of the IPCC's data. I actually use some of their data to show that warming and cooling trends are natural and not man-made (unless all those little tribes back then had massive industrial polluting factories):

So......... yeah. Anyone going to help you pull your dirty foot out of your mouth, you ?

Cue your grant money conspiracy theory.
Who was the in that other gw thread that was pushing the conspiracies?..... Was that your dupe account by chance? I shot him down there quite easily. Yet all it takes is for one of you simpleton s to watch Gore's movie, and you fire up another thread.
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