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First year in forever that nobody got me another damn insulated hoodie. I don't even bother to wear a coat in sub-zero weather, I just layer hoodies, adding and removing as needed. When it rains out, I still just wear hoodies and change them as they get soaked. But, finally, this year, nobody got me one. I took the opportunity to buy a nice Carhartt jacket. I bought myself another pellet gun, too. I have more pellet and bb guns than actual firearms now, and I am not ashamed! I did get a bunch of the usual from dad - sardines, cashews, almonds, drill bits and pork jerky. Mom got me a Buchanon flannel to go with my Buchanon scarf, so that was pretty cool. My stepmom got me a similar blue flannel to match my blue scarf, and no, my stepmom had no idea of what my mom got me and actually didn't know about my scarves, either.
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