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Its stuff like this that kinda contradict the "animals dont feel or cry, and cant think for themselves" statement, because humans have a conscious and can think for ourselves and can distinguish between right from wrong. What Im trying to say is, there is a difference between humans killing animals for food or for fun and other predators killing another animal for food, because like people say animals dont have morals, animals kill for food. We humans dont need to kill animals for food to survive.

For those that think animals cant think or show pain, they do, just not the same way as humans do, only because their emotions are alien to us doesnt mean they dont. You step on a dogs tail it shreaks, because its pain that theyre telling you it hurts. Its pretty simple. If you look into animals eyes (like they say its the window to their/our soul) their eyes can convey emotions telling you so much when theyre in distress.

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