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Its stuff like this that kinda contradict the "animals dont feel or cry, and cant think for themselves" statement, because humans have a conscious and can think for ourselves and can distinguish between right from wrong. What Im trying to say is, there is a difference between humans killing animals for food or for fun and other predators killing another animal for food, because like people say animals dont have morals, animals kill for food. We humans dont need to kill animals for food to survive.

For those that think animals cant think or show pain, they do, just not the same way as humans do, only because their emotions are alien to us doesnt mean they dont. You step on a dogs tail it shreaks, because its pain that theyre telling you it hurts. Its pretty simple. If you look into animals eyes (like they say its the window to their/our soul) their eyes can convey emotions telling you so much when theyre in distress.

I am going to try and reply as snark free as i can to this post because this is a serious thrad.

Have you ever had a prolonged exposure to farm animals? I grew up on a farm (which taught me a lot about farming, and life in general... ). Most farm animals are as intelligent as a turnip. I shit you not, A farmer who thinks that the cows are happy or sad is only deluding themselves.

Hell, if you have an animal that eats meat like a pig, you can get into a nice loving relationship with said pig, and treat it like a house pet and love and tender it for years. You would get to the point where you think the pig loves you, but if you were to die in front of that pig and it was hungry, it wouldn't THINK TWICE about eating you.

ive seen docile cows that everyone would say that are harmless, kill and mame other animals. I've seen a mother cow trample her own young, to get away from a bull. They really are stupid bags of delicious meat that make lots of poop.

Even with all that said, i still strongly am against the farming industry as it is today, Corn fed beef is just wrong, and factory farming is just a bad idea ecologically, as well as ethically.

On a different note. To the OP, as long as you don't preach about it, i don't see how you could have a problem with it. I think you need to rethink your going out strategies with your friends. If you are going to a steakhouse than the vegetarian options are going to be limited and as you said, you are going to spend 30 bucks for some corn. I recommend Asian food. I thought vegetarianism was a joke, and that all vegetarian food was dog shit until i tried real vegetarian Asian food. A lot of vegetarian Chinese, Indian, Thai is better than their meat laden counterparts. So if you go out with friends, they can eat meat and you can eat delicious food too. I never in a thousand years would of thought that id voluntarily go to a vegetarian only restaurant, but there is an indian place close to me that is to die for...

Tofu in western cuisine is fuckin horrible, Tofurkey, tofu hot dogs and anything where Tofu is made to simulate meat is just wrong and unholy. Tofu in the right dish, is delicious.
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