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Rapist asperger nerds read this article and react to it thoughtfully

We (male) nerds grow up force-fed this script. Lusting after women “out of our league” was what we did. And those unattainable hot girls would always inevitably reject us because they didn’t understand our intellectual interest in science fiction and comic books and would instead date asshole jocks. This was inevitable, and our only hope was to be unyieldingly persistent until we “earned” a chance with these women by “being there” for them until they saw the error of their ways. ....
I pretty much got my balls twisted off on facebook earlier today while trying to do damage control after my unfortunate off-the-cuff reply but I want reactions from my fellow bred-to-be-rapist manchildren
[QUOTE=BlisterDick;25482810][b]PLZ keep door unlock for roach and spider[/b][/QUOTE]
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