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Man it's coming together just fine. Amazing how small that engine looks from the side. You going straight out the back with some big primaries to fill that cavern of an engine bay, or maybe some sweet ass sides? Love the work so far brother. Keep cranking!

My goal is to run a full hood - not just the top like some people do, top and side skirts. Was hoping my model A hood would fit, but it looks like its 1 to 1.5 inches too short. A custom one is going to cost me $750, and that stresses me out a wee bit. I can probably pull top of radiator towards firewall a bit and fill that gap and not be too noticable, but the bottom will be more difficult. Probalby going to have to suck it up and buy a new hood.

Don't see full hoods often on these. I like it because A) It'll be different and make my car stand out from all the other half million model A hotrods on deuce rails. And B) it reminds me of the old bonneville salt flat racers.
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