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While I waited for the tube to come in from Ebay, I got into a small little project:

A vintage Honeybreeze fan. When plugged in, it worked, but it spun very slowly and the cord was rotting away.

So, I took it apart and cut the cord off.

As you can see, not safe to use.

Once you get into it, the fan is extremely simple:

The problem with these older fans is, the motor gets varnished on the inside. So once apart, I used some VCR head cleaner first to get the varnish off, then used some red lube to lubricate the SHAFT.

Put a new grounded plug on it and Presto chango, we have a working fan:

Theres some play in the output shaft, but thats to be expected for a 60 year old fan.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and here's whats on the bench right now:

The Hallicrafter. This one is COOL. Once done, I'll get you some pictures. This ones proving to be a bit tricky.
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