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Well this looks a lot more capable than an element with tires and a lift would be to be honest. The tires look tall enough, the ground clearance is good for it's wheel base... I'm sure it's actually a fun little deal.

People are looking at it wrong. No it isn't a rock crawler. That's what a rubicon is for. This is the classic range rover spirit of being comfortable out in the middle of nowhere. None of them were honestly that impressive in stock form for any sort of hard core wheeling. This is a continuation of that using more modern technology.
More capable than a Honda Element offroad? You gotta be shittin me dawg..

I was simply commenting on the look, I have no idea how capable or not capable the new Defender really is offroad. One thing is sure though, it wouldn't take a very big rock to fuck up those huge alloy wheels with the stylishly low profile rubber bands.
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