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I just had to google Evoque because I don't know shit, only to scroll through tons of pics of an Evoque cruising on highways and 1 pic of it going through a real puddle!

Same deal - about as off-road capable as a first gen subaru forester.

You definitely don't know shit; then again, you like don't read anything that's actually *printed* any more, and given that I read a rather substantial article in the PRINTED TopGear MAGAZINE, chances of you finding it with a half-assed google search are about the level with your IQ--i.e., damn near nil.

To summarize:
  • They started in the highlands of Scotland, during a rather messy rain, where it handled pretty much everything they threw at it;
  • They then flew to Las Vegas, where it did as expected on the streets and highways;
  • Then a flight to Dubai, where it did pretty well on the dunes, only actually got stuck once iirc;
  • Finally, the went to Iceland, and handled up on ice, snow, and rock, even whacking it pretty hard on the rocks, I think they managed to actually break something then, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

When I go back to work on Wednesday, I'll get the mag and scan the article, since it seems they don't post them online. It really was one helluva read, and what they put that car thru was rather extensive, and difficult. It was VERY surprising.
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