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Bro, going swimming is up to the individual. It's hard to assault or hurt someone ELSE with a swimming pool - I suppose you can throw them in or something.

Please stop with the false and highly arbitrary comparisons. Bats/cars/swimming pools yes we get it, the world is a dangerous place. Tell me again why we need untrained but heavily armed rednecks parading around in otherwise civilized communities, with loaded fucking assault rifles
These people are doing this as a reaction to real and perceived threats by the government to take away their right to bear arms. Also, "loaded" is an assumption...and what are you calling "assault rifles"? My guess is anything that looks scary but in reality is no more deadly than an equivalent non-scary looking rifle. Anyone carrying a real assault rifle already has the government so far up their ass that the color of their morning pee and great grandmothers maiden name is documented by federal desk jockeys..
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