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Originally Posted by McKnight
the 250 will definitly be fun. It can take twisties far easier. you would be much faster going through very tight turns constantly than you would with the same track on a 500.

And if you have 7k to spend on a future bike after selling the 250 its very worth it IMO. Yes a 250 would get old quick, but thats why ebay, cycletrader, and craigslist is there for you. So you could sell it for the same price and get a 600. If you dont plan on getting a 600 after having the 250 for a couple months then I would say its a waste and get the 500. Dont worry about the weight of the bike if you are underweight unless you are too short or too big and tall. These guys really press it on you to get the 250 for some reason. if you go to a cycle forum you will see plenty of people starting on 600's... and here the first post makes an sv650 sound like a death trap lol. Then again this isnt a cycle forum and thats how the faq should make it sound on a forum like this.
makes sense, I completely forgot about the resalve value of the bikes, and that they barely depreciate at all.

by the end of summer I'll have like ~11k, so hmmm, it might be smarter to get a 250 now and then get a 600 or the sv650 or the like.

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