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I found this thread while searching for bikes online and I liked it so much I decided to register here. Great info.

I'm in the market for my 1st bike... I originally wanted a 250, then everyone talked me into a 500, now I'm thinking... maybe a 250 wouldnt be so bad for me? I'm only 5'2 and like 105 soaking wet, so I need something as small and light as possible. I just don't want to grow out of it in a month, and be stuck with like the Geo Metro of the bike world. Anyway. i'm still lookin in the local papers. Pray that I dont kill myself everyone

of you soaking wet?

At 105 I'm sure you'd be fine with either. In fact, you might have more fun in turns on a peppy 250, though the 500 will knock you back more. Just look until you find a good deal on a quality bike and go for it, regardless of it being a 250 or a 500.

BTW, if I were buying new or spending a lot of money, I'd get a 500 anyway. I wouldn't know any better on the turning speed, but could always satisfy my desire for more power.
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