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I have a friend that works at the local gun store. He said no one makes profit off sales.....and they offer a lifetime warranty if you buy the gun from them, which I want to see what they cover under it, because I may just buy my guns from them.

I understand about the salesmen s , but I'm reading up so much on Sig and other brands.....just seems like I am becoming a Sig fan......just liking it all....

Umm a Ddm4 costs about 1100 and an sr 15 costs around 1800.

I once saw a bushmaster at a local shop for 3700$ which is about a 400$ gun with another 400$ worth of junk accessories on it. So whoever told you they don't make a profit off sales...well they're either completely ignorant of how sales and retail works or the owner of the shop is lying to him.

You're not reading enough if you think the ddm4 is 7000$

Here ya go.
Best regular ar money can buy.
The standard ar which all others are judged.

Didn't look hard and I'm on my phone so can't find the cheapest but you get the idea. But if you want a sig to shoot once a year maybe ask yourself why you even need a piston. Are you doing anything remotely close to the things the "advantages of having a piston gun" bring to the table?
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