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Atma Weapon
Phone options for replacing 160GB iPod Classic?

I'd like to be able to store all of my music (~150GB) on my phone, but as far as I can tell my only option is to wait for Apple to (hopefully) expand the storage capacity on the iPhone 7 since the 6s are limited to 128GB. Is it likely for them to do so? I know if you look at the history of iPhones they usually double the storage with new models, but I'm not sure how much demand there is for people who want more than 128GB.

I'm also open to using Android phones. I noticed at least one Android phone (Galaxy S5) has an internal capacity of 32GB but can be expanded to 160GB with a 128GB microSD card. Going this route, would I be able to have access to all of my music or would they have to be separated, with some of it on internal storage and the rest on the microSD card?
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