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Hi Guys,

This is a ridiculously good vanity account. It has the season 2,3,4 gladiator mounts and a ridiculous amount of gear in the bank. You will not be disappointed in this gem. I purchased this from a friend of mine, I can get ID for the account and I have absolutely no problems in giving my own personal information out, I have a cell and will get on vent/skype or verify in any way you need. I don't come to this forum often but I have made a successful sale on here a few months back with no problems. I am letting this account go as I only play my main these days and want to cut back both the time and monthly outgoings I am spending on this game.
Let me get straight to the facts of the account.

Gladiator drakes from season 2,3,4.
Collectors edition Vanilla, BC and Wotlk. That means mini zergling, panda, netherwelp, mini-diablo and frostwyrm whelp RARE pets.
Current gear is full vicious main pieces + t1 sword. There is also a good selection of PvE probably amounting to a 360 item level. Capable of 20k + single target.
Original Amani war bear.
4.5k achievements + 25 feats of strength.

This account comes with a level 82 DK with the duelist achievement from the deadly season just as a side note.

If you are serious about an armory or purchasing this toon, please send me a private message and we will take it from there.

I am not looking for a rushed sale, this will go to a good legit home and both parties will be fully happy with the deal.

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