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If misogyny did cause him to flip his shit (alongside mental instability, autism, whatever) then what's the difference between that and someone who killed other people over drug money, or a personal argument?

There isn't any. The real problem is how easily he was able to kill other people, beyond his god given pussy-bodied natural abilities. Access to firearms is a little too loose in this country, but i don't give a shit what motivated him. It could have been getting picked on like columbine and VA tech, or just being an angry asshole like the guy who shot someone for texting, or loud music. People flip for many reasons. We can't prevent all of them through tumblr awareness.

What's disgusting is the tweets i've seen proclaiming that this killing spree has a fucking upside, by raising awareness for violence against women or some stupid shit
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i do drink but it's not as effective for immediate relief
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