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The next four-wheeled adventure

To those that do not know, I sold the BMW 335i. It was a great car but I had an opportunity to cut my mortgage down from 30 years to 15 years and the 335i payment was a frustrating appendage that would have taken all of my fun money away in conjunction with the mortgage shrinkage. That leaves me to making a decision at the end of the year that just before selling the 335i, felt pretty clear. I fully-intended to buy a new ND Miata after the dust settled, but the fact is, that means another sizable car payment. Being without such a monthly outlay has been really nice and I'm not keen to jump back into that despite how much I enjoyed the ND as a whole. I've come to the standing that I should be looking at the 5+ year old used market, if not older for the most fun car at the lowest price point -- allowing me to avoid a payment or at the least have a tiny one for a very-short term.

Here are the heaps I'm considering, assuming one of sufficient condition can be sourced within my region.

2009-2012 Mazda MX-5 (NC)
-Not fond of the styling in the 06-08 or 13-15 models. This year also gained a higher redline, forged internals, and improvements to the interior.
-I like this generation's exterior more than the other Miatas (NA and NB).

2006-208 Mazda RX-8 (FE)
-I would consider a newer one but prefer the styling of the earlier models, despite the new ones being better in many appreciable ways
-I like the short wheelbase of the FD and Miatas, the RX-8 would be more stable at speed and sports a nice interior.
-No torques but good horsepower (~230's) and revs to the moon with a good transmission behind it.

2004-2005 Mazdaspeed MX-5 (NB)
-Factory turbo model, pretty neat but the small turbo and lack of forged internals limits power to about ~230whp without internal engine changes. The factory ECU sucks too so more power also demands a standalone in addition to the rods/pistons. The low weight and brash power delivery means the low HP numbers go a long way.
-I like this generation's interior more than the other Miatas.

Finally, I could be an absolute idiot, go even older, to something I have owned before and with which I am already intimately familiar.

1993-1995 Mazda RX-7 (FD)
-Inflated values because of the Fast & the Furious Tax
-I owned one before, loved the shit out of it
-It is old, old and a turbo rotary

Not sure which way I want to go and I haven't seen anything compelling to pull me one way or the other. The FD is my ideal but their values are silly, making a brand new ND look really shiny. The RX-8 is newer, fantastic to drive but has shit fuel economy like the FD due to being a rotary -- not a killer but given I spend two hours a day driving, fuel consumption is a consideration, after performance and fun. The NB would give me some of the things I love about the FD with better fuel economy but falls short on the looks of the FD. The NC improves on looks and engineering/chassis but is limited in power and will mean significant outlay to change (IE: Supercharger).

I'd consider an S2k as they are very FD-like but their values are over-inflated as well, generally they are beat for their age, and if I'm going to have a convertible, I don't want a power-top.

Which of these shitboxes would the 'May collective go with, and why? The longer term (2-3 years) of this is that there are a couple older cars I want to buy that are low dollar but would require some money and time to restore -- both of those would have to leave my mind if I enter into a new car payment for the next five years. I find the idea of three diverse and interesting cars far more appealing than a single better car that is new.
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