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Im sure the lives we potentially could save on schoolmassacres by having students carry guns is gonna be a lot lower then the number of accidental/retarded killings/shootings resulting from such an increase in armed students. Teenagers arent exactly in their most stable and rational stage, and while you will have some ppl who are trained responsibly and mentally balanced enough to handle this extra "power" I can guarantee you will have several that arent.

This isn't just about school shootings. This is also about self-defense from mugging, rape, etc. Furthermore, just like I said to the liberal reporter after he asked me that stupid question, we don't intend to play hero and stop every school shooting if we're nearby. We have no intention, or responsibility, to play hero. Our campus police force is there for a reason, and they can end a situation if my life isn't in danger enough for me to pull my CCW. If I heard shots down the hall, I'd take my opportunity to run the opposite direction if that opportunity was there. As I said in the vid, we just want the ability to take self defense into our own hands, something that's allowed off campus, but not on campus.

Our goal doesn't include allowing every student to carry, Our goal is solely to allow Concealed Carry Weapon permit holders to carry on campus. CCW Permit holders, student or not, carry every day outside of campus, and an incident where they misuse their firearm is a very rare thing. Why do you think that if they were suddenly allowed to carry on campus, their responsibility and maturity would change?

It's also not like a passing of a law would cause a rush of CCW permit applications; the majority of students' hesitance to the idea shows that they feel safe on campus and don't feel that carrying is required. It's that demographic of people we do these events mainly for as a group, as they are most likely to not mind CCW permit holders carrying on campus, even though they won't carry themselves.
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