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what is Greg's THAC0?
He takes a small encumbrance penalty for the Kevlar vest.

Originally Posted by my response, round 2
Here's the problem: your description of the importance of your event is by definition salesmanship. The Pit is not where you pimp your personal achievements.

If you've decided your role here is to propagandize a pet cause, and plan to spam about it as much as will be tolerated, you will need to show relevance. Chalking up your campus doesn't pass muster.

Originally Posted by Mr. Greg
Mine was "My organization, part of a nationwide organization with 33,000 members that is arguably one of the largest organized college activist groups out there, staged an event that got local media attention, both web and TV, and by posting it in the pit, will reinvigorate discussion about CCW on campus, which has not seen a topic in months with the same subject in the Pit."

But no, you make a comparison to "queer goldfish."

*That's "using" my mod privileges to "lock shit threads" based on what I find notable. It's what they're for.
Of course it doesn't. It has to do with you abusing* your mod privileges to stifle* discussion* based on what you find notable, Saxifrage.
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