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I don't want to be misquoted later:
Originally Posted by my response, round 3
Originally Posted by Mr. Greg
If you think I posted that thread to inflate my e-penis, then you don't have the proper deduction skills necessary to be a mod.
Aren't you the Greg Plautz in the article? You described it yourself as a shameless plug.

It was posted as an event that happened recently that would be a catalyst to start a discussion about CCW on campus, which, last I checked, is how the pit works: Event, Thread, Discussion.
I am not your publicist. As I've said twice already, you and five buddies playing with chalk does not constitute an "event."

"pet cause." There's a reason the nationwide group has 30,000 members, and that's because safety on campus is very relevant in times like these.
Save it for your brochure. There's a reason you're peeing down your leg that I locked your shitty thread, and it ain't because 30,000 people have been silenced.

-A thread with a first post consisting of nothing but flaming against Houston residents that should of been locked immediately
That's irony re: Katrina you've chosen not to appreciate. Flaming is not a lockable offense here.

-A thread asking a question easily answered by google
I hate that Homework thread more than you do, but I rolled a 12. Rules are rules.
-A thread intended to flame McCain for not knowing how many houses he owned
He's a presidential candidate. We're a politics forum.
-How many Free_Willy threads are on the first page right now?
Apparently not enough, because he pitched a shit-fit in the main forum and you're following suit.

Mod sass. All there is to it.
Think what you want. I'm not opening [this] thread.
I personally believe that there has to be a law that limits the power of the supreme court. -- R@$T@M@N
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