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Most people don't know the difference - a lager isn't a "weak ale"

lagers are made with a bottom fermenting yeast at colder temperatures - hence a lot of breweries are simply incapable of it, especially smaller "kraft style" outfits. So they push the ales and don't talk about lagers. The average poser beer aficionado in turn assumes it's a lesser beer.

Stone for example, advertises a disdain for "fizzy yellow beers" but in reality can't actually make anything except their ales. I do like an ale here and there, mostly with food but nothing beats a good lager on a hot day. Especially if you're into some serious consumption.

Lagers have a lot of variety - choose one without corn or rice and it has plenty of flavor.

I know the difference believe me, I've read various books, studied beer making for months and brewed both, I just prefer the taste of ales over lagers just like how you prefer lagers over ales. Almost every lager I've tried makes me just think it's lacking in bitter/floral/strong flavors I want from an IPA or Stout. Different strokes for different folks as they say.
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