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Here's another thing you learned today:

Originally Posted by touareg208 View Post
You're 22 or so and you drive 60s domestic boats that should be driven by 60 year old men who have enough in their retirement fund to restore them...yet they're still pieces of shit.

25. The difference, as you've no doubt begun to realize, is that yes, I actually do drive 60's(and 70's) domestic boats. I own them, I maintain them, I am entirely responsible for them. I didn't steal pictures from an eBay auction so that I could try to make myself look like the ultimate hot shit of the internet. Perhaps one day you will understand the difference between someone who works hard for the few things that they have, and someone who pretends to have everything and in reality has nothing.

I have a clean conscience when I go to bed at night. I'm proud of what I own, meager as it may be. I'm proud of what I have so far accomplished with my life so far. Perhaps I don't have a flourishing business with 15 high end cars and everything else under the sun like you would have us believe you have, but what I do have, I worked for. My cars may not be worth a shitload of money, but it's entirely irrelevant. Why? Because they're mine.

Your opinion of my cars or anyone else's is totally worthless. You're going to talk a load of shit about my cars when you steal pictures from eBay auctions to try to prove to people that you're some rich asshole? Haha. Let me know how that works out.

You wanted some high level of acceptance and admiration from people, and the only way you know how to acheive it is by lying through your teeth, posting pictures of cars that aren't yours. That's just amazing to me. I wonder what happened to all the people in the world who were proud of their own accomplishments, modest as they may be?

You've got some serious problems, kid. I may not be the very nicest guy on the forum, and I may not have the fastest/most expensive/best handling car on the forum, but like most people here, I've worked for it and I *gasp* actually own it. I'd rather own a shitbox Yugo with a blown head gasket, 3 flat tires, busted windshield and no gas tank, and have people look down on me for it, than pretend to own a Touareg and have superficial people look up to me for it.

When you understand that simple concept, you will make it in life. You just might. The sad thing is that I don't expect that you're going to see it, until something really happens to you.
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