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If people spent as much time trying as they do bitching about how someone else has it better, they could be the person people bitched about having it better.

What about the people who do try and still just end up with shit? What about people who were genuinely dealt a really bad hand in life, like, across the board, bad?
Because here's a secret a lot of people who say the kind of shit you just said like to believe isn't true: those people exist in fucking droves. Not everyone can be a winner. Our civilization does not operate in such a way as to allow for everyone to be successful given everyone puts forth the same effort.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, while it is not bad advice to tell people to try harder, the underlying issue is not that people simply don't try. That is a symptom. The underlying problem is that there is limited space for success within the framework of our society. At least, for the kind of success that's considered ideal in the developed world, anyway.
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