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never seen that presenter that young, his style hasn't changed at all lol. If clarkson is the charlie sheen of autojournalism, he's the ben stein?

Lmao yeah that guy is definitely the Ben stein of car show presenters. But yes the 89-93 sc's and xr7s were quick for their day but dogs by today's standards. Like 15.3 @ 93ish stock... The 94 95 ones were a good bit quicker because of the better blower, more aggressive trans gears etc.

Mine should be good for like high 12s, 13 flat at 110. I talked to the builder again today and he told me he ended up putting a custom grind cam in because the comp stage 1 cam is basically too mild. Also upgraded injectors again to 60lb now. I'm getting pretty serious lol
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