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Bush to meet with vaccine makers

October 7, 2005

WASHINGTON -- President Bush summoned vaccine manufacturers to a White House meeting today, hoping to boost the rickety industry amid increasing fears of a worldwide outbreak of bird flu.

This month, vaccine maker Sanofi-Pasteur, a unit of Sanofi Aventis SA, begins the first mass production of a new vaccine to protect against bird flu, producing $100 million worth of inoculations for a government stockpile.

But it would take months to create a new vaccine from scratch if a different strain of bird flu than today's, known as H5N1, emerges.

The nation has only three main manufacturers of vaccine against the regular flu each winter. Bush called together the heads of major vaccine companies ''to press ahead to expand our manufacturing capacity for a vaccine to address this risk,'' White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Thursday.

Later this month, the Bush administration will issue updated plans to deal with a pandemic. AP


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